Pest Control – Fleas

Bitting FleasFleas are parasites; they have piercing mouthparts and feed exclusively on blood, so they must find a warm-blooded host in order to survive and reproduce. Female fleas, after feeding on blood, lay eggs that hatch into a small, white, active, larva stage, which grows to about 1/16 inch long.

Larva may be found in the bedding of flea-infested pets. These larvae appear to live on debris and organic matter, including dried blood found in adult flea feces. The larva cannot pierce the skin of people or pets.

When fully grown, the larva stage enters a less active pupa phase inside of a silken cocoon in which small pieces of debris are included. These pupas are sensitive to vibrations and increases in carbon dioxide.

Upon entering a long-deserted house people may be overwhelmed by large numbers of fleas. In these situations, the fleas have been resting in the pupal cocoon in the carpet, furniture, or crevices of wood flooring, waiting for the presence of a host before emerging. They then hatch in mass in response to people moving and breathing near them.


The following courses of action are essential to achieve full flea control:


Common FleaVacuuming is an extremely important part of a flea control program. Thoroughly vacuum all areas of the house, including rugs, upholstered furniture, and cracks and crevices where possible. Vacuum every third day for at least two weeks. Be sure to dispose of the vacuum-cleaner bag after vacuuming, as fleas can escape from them and reinfest the home.


Shampoo pets with a flea-killing soap or treat them with a registered pesticide for flea control. Thoroughness in treating the pet is essential. In fact, it is recommended that the first treatment be made by a veterinarian. If the pets have bedding, wash or dry clean it thoroughly. There are some other products (e.g. Advantage, Frontline, etc.) that act as systemics when applied to the animals skin that work well when used correctly.

Treatment in the home

Enlargement of FleaProfessional treatment of the home is the best way to eliminate flea infestations in your home. Call Action Pest Control to schedule a treatment to eliminate fleas that infest your home.