July 14, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Carpenter Ants

Protecting your home from carpenter ant invasion is of paramount importance to us. At Action Pest Control, we perform a whole-house drill and treat from the outside using a variety of approaches as determined by scientific researchers in our area.

For colonies within a house, we may apply a direct application of a registered pesticide dust into voids to reach carpenter ants. We have selectively chosen the dust formulation that we use because it is:

1. Long-lasting
2. Easily accessible to the insect
3. Less odorous than conventional insecticides
4. Fine particles that stick to the hairy surfaces of ants’ bodies. As they clean themselves and feed other ants and larvae, the insecticide is spread throughout the colony.

Because ants follow wiring and plumbing routes through the structure, we may need to access nests in wall voids through plumbing or electrical wiring.

We will also perform a quarterly perimeter spray of your home throughout the year to disrupt foraging trails and to help prevent reentry from parent colonies nesting outside the structure.

The exterior perimeter spray will include an application against the foundation, under the edges of siding, around window and door frames, and on carpenter ant trails.